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Time to heal and move forward...

Challenges that life brings can at times make us feel that we can't move forward. Therapy gives us the chance to reach out to someone who can help us. Sometimes we want to change but don't have the tools to do it by ourselves. Therapy enables us to discover who we truly are, to heal old wounds, and move on to the next stage in our lives, becoming who we were meant to be and allowing us to live our lives to our full potential.

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Scott - Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

What is Therapy and who is it for?

Therapy is a space where you can explore who you are, and what you have been through, without judgement and in safety.

You are at the center of the therapy and are free to go at whatever pace you are comfortable with.

I will walk alongside you as we discover more about you, and what you have been through in the past. By bringing your previous experiences into your current awareness, we can look at them, acknowledge them and move forward.


Therapy is for anyone who wants to heal, change and move forward with their lives.



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